Paris’ Biography

In a nutshell, I was born in London, raised in Australia and returned to London where I played American or English, never Australian. Fortunately, I always had a good ear for dialects and a wide imagination for my family background. I may have told a director or two that I was of Russian, French, German or Irish descent, depending on what was required. The latter happens to be true. I’ve had the privilege of working with extraordinary artists like Ellen Burstyn, Eric McCormack and Ridley Scott, and in wonderful/interesting/ get-me home locations. It has been a great journey to have a sense of what life was like 150 years ago or 50 years ago, corsets notwithstanding. It is a bit like living the life of a time traveling gypsy.

At the Gate Theatre in Dublin, Ireland, I was lucky enough to play Anna in Anna Karenina, and Constance in The Constant Wife. Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon and Frances McDormand are just some of the inspiring actors who have worked there. It is a jewel of a theatre filled with the most wonderful team of people, some of whom have worked there for thirty years. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to be part of the company.

More recently I completed a four year degree in Politics, Philosophy and History. For my dissertation I wrote a play between opposing philosophers Descartes and David Hume called Ghosts of La Flèche, which was performed at Birkbeck University, UCL London. My screenplay, Looking for Dez Cart, is a direct result of my good fortune to have studied at Birkbeck. How else would I have come up with the idea of making Descartes Australian and sticking him in the outback?

Many thanks for stopping by and reading this – Paris

Paris Jefferson and Eric McCormack “A Will Of Their Own”

Paris Jefferson
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